SmartHAWK Web

SmartHAWK® Web is a web-based hub which provides 24/7 online visibility of real-time data generated by SmartHAWK wireless sensor networks installed in all of your facilities. You can quickly monitor equipment status, visualize predictive patterns, and respond to changing conditions so that costly equipment breakdown is avoided. SmartHAWK Web, accessible from any PC or mobile device, provides you with the ability to monitor all of your critical equipment either on site or at any remote location.


Why Choose SmartHAWK Web?

  • Multi-layered security including SSL/TLS-encrypted browser access and installation-specific keys. All transactions originate from the local SmartHAWK installation, further enhancing security and minimizing the need to open or forward firewall ports.

  • Anytime, anywhere access to your data.

  • Cloud storage* and automated backups to prevent loss of data.

  • Automatic feature updates ensure access to the latest SmartHAWK innovations.

   * SmartHAWK Web is designed to run on a local intranet if required. 


Complete Visibility

SmartHAWK Web provides access to real-time data and frees you to focus on the status of facilities and equipment, from anywhere in the world. Navigation from the top level down into any facility, piece of equipment or sensor position is efficient and intuitive. Alert conditions are pervasive on all pages, ensuring that any event, at any sensor location, is effectively communicated to you. The Alert banner permits navigation directly to the sensor data associated with the Alert and persists until the Alert is dismissed. A system log captures all data associated with the Alert condition, including the time the Alert was triggered, the name of the individual who dismisses the Alert, user notes and responses, and system-generated messages. 

SmartHAWK Web allows users to view, manage and control SmartHAWK wireless sensors from any location.

Intuitive Interface

The SmartHAWK Web interactive and responsive charting engine allows technicians and facility managers to quickly visualize sensor information, assess equipment health, and monitor performance over time. SmartHAWK Web delivers alerts via text message and email if user-defined thresholds are exceeded, permitting advanced analytics and timely preventative maintenance. With access to real-time data in hand from SmartHAWK sensors, managers are able to shorten response times while also reducing costly maintenance errors. 

SmartHAWK Web allows managers to view the health of critical equipment using its intuitive web interface.

With SmartHAWK Web, users can easily review operational performance using side-by-side charts to compare asset metrics as illustrated in the charts below.


Sensor Administration

SmartHAWK Web enables managers to quickly view all sensor data, including active or inactive status, for all SmartHAWK sensors in all locations.


User Administration

The SmartHAWK User Administration page allows System Administrators to easily manage users and provide access rights to sensor data for authorized personnel.

SmartHAWK sensors are managed using the Sensor Administration page in SmartHAWK Web.
Individual access is actively managed using the User Administration page on SmartHAWK Web.