SmartHAWK® Wireless Sensors

U.S. Patent No. 9,435,698 and related foreign patents

TDG Technologies' SmartHAWK® family of wireless networking devices are protected by numerous U.S. and foreign patents and are designed to deliver intelligent analytics and operational efficiency for industrial applications. The integrated SmartHAWK solution monitors and records critical machine data in hazardous and nonhazardous industrial environments. The system also provides flexible and easily adjustable alert thresholds, email/text alert notifications and SCADA compatibility, thus allowing managers to customize SmartHAWK for the specific needs of their company.

SmartHAWK Vibration and Temperature Sensor monitors the health of rotating equipment.


Vibration/Temp Sensor

The SmartHAWK Wireless Vibration and Temperature Sensor from TDG Technologies delivers cost-effective, predictive maintenance by providing technicians and facility operators with real-time, quantitative data concerning the health of their rotating machinery. 

 SmartHAWK triaxial sensors provide the objective and actionable data needed to support either scheduling or deferring maintenance of critical equipment. The compact installation footprint of the SmartHAWK Vibration and Temperature Sensor makes it a perfect fit for nearly all rotating equipment: pumps, motors, generators, turbines, compressors, gear boxes, fans and blowers.

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SmartHAWK Dual Analog Sensor provides a wireless solution for monitoring existing hard-wired equipment.



Dual Analog Sensor

The SmartHAWK Dual Analog Sensor (DAS) utilizes two dual input connectors which provide a cost effective solution for monitoring two independent or existing system-related sensors. The SmartHAWK Dual Analog Sensor seamlessly connects to legacy industrial sensors or gauges which integrate with a SmartHAWK wireless mesh network to support data logging, trending, and real-time alarm monitoring.

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SmartHAWK Power Sensor monitors key power and electrical metrics on motors and related equipment.


Power Sensor

The SmartHAWK Power Sensor optimizes plant operations by logging motor activity and operating characteristics at user-specified intervals. Key metrics such as motor run-time, on/off cycles and energy consumption are tracked as part of the SmartHAWK motor maintenance program. Engineers can access these power metrics in real-time, gaining critical insights regarding motor health and plant efficiency. This enhances plant operational productivity, avoids maintenance downtime or total equipment failure, and enables managers to plan efficient and cost effective machine maintenance schedules.

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