A Sensor Christmas Wishlist


The holiday season is upon us.  It’s a time for reflection and growth. A time for wishes and hopes. And dreams. I came across this letter from a plant operator. I can’t vouch for its authenticity, but I, for one, believe this is real. After all, this is the season for believing…


Dear Santa,

Another year is coming to a close. We’ve tried our best to maintain our equipment and keep our energy costs down. But it hasn’t been easy. Lou, my lead maintenance operator, promised to do daily checks on our pumps and motors. But things got in the way… other priorities… plant issues… promises to check on things tomorrow got pushed to next week. You know how it goes. Then one of the primary motors in our plant went down unexpectedly, causing production delays. Of course our shipments were backlogged. And our customers weren’t happy. Neither was our plant manager, for that matter. That problem caused some real headaches. 


My boss has also been on me to get a handle on our plant’s energy costs which continue to skyrocket. We’re trying our best to be more efficient, but it’s challenging to get a handle on efficiency metrics.  Our team just doesn’t seem to have the time, or the answers.


So this year, I’m committed to making some real changes in how our plant is run. But I need some things to make this happen. Maybe you can help. Here’s my Christmas list for you. 


  •  I’d like a sensor that monitors my pumps and motors. I just can’t rely on Lou to check on things each day.  Maybe something wireless. I heard about this SmartHAWK® Wireless Vibration & Temperature Sensor from TDG Technologies that monitors equipment continuously in real time. No need to do manual spot checks. Plus all the data can be accessed from PC. Alerts can even be sent to my smartphone!


  • I’ve heard that this TDG Technologies company also has a SmartHAWK® Power Sensor that would allow me to monitor power consumption and view a variety other technical electrical characteristics of our motors. That sounds like a great way to help me get a handle on improving energy efficiency at the plant.


  •  I’d also really like to know how my embedded pressure sensors are performing. Since you may be checking in with TDG, could you throw in some SmartHAWK® Dual Analog Sensors so that I can connect these to my existing pressure sensors? These TDG Dual Analog Sensors can connect my existing sensors using a wireless mesh network. This way I can see everything in one place using their SmartHAWK® Web application on my PC (maybe even while I’m sipping some egg nog).


That’s about it, Santa. I think 2018 will be a much better year for us, especially if you can set us up with these cool TDG wireless sensors. Thanks Santa! Merry Christmas!


Happy Holidays from TDG Technologies! 

May all your wishes come true!


Randy Zanassi