SmartHAWK Pricing



TDG Technologies offers subscription-based pricing for its line of SmartHAWK® sensors. Since pricing is based on a flat, per unit rate, there is no capital outlay required.  All supporting equipment, including  the wireless gateway and industrial PC, are included with the subscription order.  Benefits of our subscription pricing include:


  • No capital outlay required.
  • Simple budget planning due to known monthly charges.
  • Subscription includes a gateway and industrial PC (a $1500 value).
  • Easy to add incremental sensors as your system expands.


A summary of our subscription pricing is outlined in the table below:

TDG Technologies Subscription Pricing

For more details, download the SmartHAWK Subscription Price Sheet.

Subscription Pricing Details

  • Subscription Pricing:  With the SmartHAWK® subscription service plan, there is no capital outlay. Customers pay a flat monthly subscription fee per unit based on the quantity ordered. A minimum of 6 sensors per customer is required. Pricing for 6 to 19 sensors is $20/sensor/month. For 20 or more sensors, the subscription price is $15 per sensor. The price for all SmartHAWK Reference Sensors is $12/sensor/month for all quantities. Quantity pricing applies to the number of sensors across all customer facilities. The customer commits to a minimum of 12 months of subscription service. SmartHAWK® Web is included in the monthly subscription fee.
  • Gateway:  A gateway is required for active operation of the SmartHAWK Wireless Sensor System. Pricing is $75 per gateway per month. A gateway can typically communicate with up to 100 SmartHAWK sensors.
  • SmartHAWK®-Enabled Industrial PC:  A SmartHAWK-enabled Industrial PC is included with the first gateway. Additional PCs are available for each additional gateway ordered.
  • Sensor Mounts:  A standard sensor mount is included with each SmartHAWK sensor. Replacement mounts cost $35 per mount. Non-standard sensor mounts are available for an incremental fee (call for pricing). Mount designs include a Reference Sensor Mount with Ball, a Sensor Adapter Mount Right Angle, a Sensor Mount Kit, and Mount Kits (Standard Sensor Mount Kit, Reference Sensor Mount Kit, and Sensor Adapter Mount Right Angle Kit).



  • Minimum Order:  The minimum order for a subscription plan is 6 SmartHAWK sensors per customer.
  • Minimum Subscription Period:  Each sensor is required to be active for 12 months.
  • Deactivation:  A sensor may be suspended (deactivated) for a maximum of 2 months. Billing will be suspended during this time and will automatically reactivate after a 2 months or when the customer reactivates by contacting TDG Technologies. The suspension period does not count towards the 12 month minimum subscription per sensor.
  • Batteries:  Each SmartHAWK Sensor comes equipped with a 3.6V SAFT LS 14500 lithium-thionyl chrloride Li-SOCI2 battery specifically matched for SmartHAWK sensors.
  • Installation:  Customer is responsible for all installations. A SmartHAWK Product Manual and Installation manual will be provided with each order. Our instructional video illustrates how to easily install SmartHAWK sensors.
  • Maintenance:  TDG Technologies is responsible for the proper functioning of sensors and related system equipment including gateways and PCs under normal conditions, provided that the sensors and equipment are properly installed, operated and maintained in accordance with the specifications detailed in the TDG Technologies’ operations manuals and user guides. TDG Technologies is not responsible for malfunctions due to operational misuse, accidents, or extreme weather conditions.