Hazardous Location Certification

Intrinsically Safe

Meticulously engineered, SmartHAWK wireless sensors are designed for use in the most demanding hazardous and non-hazardous industrial applications. SmartHAWK hazardous locations certifications include:

  • Class I, Division 1 Groups ABCD Exia, T4
  • Class II, Division 1 Groups EFG, T4



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Value Provided by SmartHAWK Wireless Sensors

 Benefits in using SmartHAWK wireless sensors from TDG Technologies

Wireless Mesh Network

Optimal communication path is automatically established across a robust self-organizing, self-healing wireless network with signal reliability over 99%.

Real-Time Data

Data is easily accessed for trend monitoring and advanced analytics. Technicians receive timely alerts of critical changes ensuring that machines run at peak efficiency while minimizing costly repairs or replacement.                                                     

SCADA   Compatibility

SmartHAWK sensors are designed to seamlessly integrate with existing SCADA systems, thereby providing end-to-end visibility of all critical operational performance metrics.

Electronic Notifications

Notifications via email and text messaging permit operators to assess machine performance from any remote location to facilitate more timely decision making.

Installation Options

SmartHAWK sensors are designed for easy, inexpensive installation on all types of industrial equipment, significantly reducing the investment required by conventional wired monitoring solutions.

Hazardous Environment Certifications

SmartHAWK sensors are engineered for the most demanding applications, making them suitable for use in both hazardous and non-hazardous industrial environments.

For a complete listing of the benefits associated with the use of SmartHAWK sensors,

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